Advocacy 101

Road traffic crashes are a global travesty. People feel this injustice daily and many young advocates stand up to demand change. Often we start with the skills and passions we think will make a difference - that sometimes works but often we are missing the strategic planning to make it really effective.

Have you ever tried to influence someone in your community to make positive a change? Well, then you are most likely to be an advocate or be in the process of becoming one. Through this module you will learn how to apply advocacy strategies in road safety, reflect on your traits as an advocate and undestand the steps to implement an strategic advocacy approach.

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Learning objectives

By the end of this module you will be able to...

Define advocacy and what is not;
Distinguish some of the attributes of an effective advocate;
Identify the key building blocks for strategic advocacy;
Demonstrate how to start advocacy from evidence.
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What can you expect from this module?

Interactive Modules

Learn about global road safety at your own pace with videos, images, reading and quizzes.


All data in this course is derived from leading advocacy agencies and backed up by global evidence - reviewed by our industry leading experts.

Mixed Learning Tools

We use video, interactive tools, reading and reflections that are youth friendly and support how making content easy to digest.


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Learn with our YOURS Academy Characters as they take you on an fun and interactive learning journey through advocacy concepts.

Reviewed by road safety experts

This is what road safety experts
have to say about this module

"This module is an excellent learning tool to help young people in their advocacy efforts to promote safer roads and prevent deaths or severe injuries on the roads.  Congratulations to the YOURS Academy for keeping their contributions to empower young leaders around the world and for believing in their power to contribute meaningfully with solutions as advocates and promoters of change."

Joanne Adrienne Vincenten
Global Lead for Child Injury Prevention
"I have enjoyed reviewing this module on advocacy for youth in road safety.
Advocacy is an absolutely critical action that all young people can take to demand safer and more liveable roads and communities, and this module on Advocacy 101 gives youth the practical knowledge to get started with advocacy. Good job!"

Road Safety Consultant & Director
Blaise Murphet Limited
"Having strong youth advocates understand how to undertake their advocacy demands strategically is very important to achieve any policy change. Often, young people have the passion, will and energy to want to influence political agendas for road safety and sustainable mobility but might need support to ensure their actions get the best outcomes. This module provides evidence-based knowledge, tips on where to get going and how best to spend their resources and efforts".

Advocacy Director
YOURS - Youth for Road Safety

What are youth saying?

It’s not always easy to know what we want… But you probably know exactly the change you want to see in your community. It's highly likely that you are passionate about it! Now, how do we get it done? This module is an amazing way to understand how to make the best impact from our passions for our passions. The best way to win at Chess is to have a strategy. Advocating for change is no different! This step by step module helps us plan strategically our advocacy projects to make a real change towards much needed safer mobility.

Ezequiel Naidach
Regional Leader, Global Youth Coalition for Road Safety
This module offers future-proof knowledge and skills for young leaders from all walks of life to lead road safety advocacy initiatives in their communities. The module is not only easy to read but has been co-designed with young leaders to enable youth to respond effectively to the road traffic crash pandemic and harness existing and future advocacy opportunities. I therefore encourage my peers to make use of this module, have fun with it and hopefully use the acquired to turbocharge the 2030 agenda through a road safety lens.

Oliva Nalwadda
Youth Leadership Board, Global Youth Coalition for Road Safety

Manpreet Darroch

Manpreet is an award-winning campaigner and facilitator that has been working in youth and road safety for over ten years. He has led workshops all around the world to champion the cause of meaningful youth participation in road safety decision-making. He began at YOURS in 2009 heading up social action campaigns and developing the multi-award winning YOURS Capacity Development Programme. He is YOURS' Capacity Development Director and the facilitator of the module.
Patrick Jones - Course author
Patrick Jones - Course author

Daniela Gómez

Daniela, is a young Colombian, passionate about road safety and committed to work for youth empowerment in her country and around the world. She brings her perspective as a female cyclist, with 5 years of experience working in the field of sustainabilty. Her valuable knowledege is weaved throughout this module with experience data that we know will be insightful for you. Daniela is YOURS' Capacity Development Manager and co-wrote the content in this module with our team of experts.