Road Safety and the broader development agenda

Road safety impacts much more than only roads and road crashes! Ever though about that?  Safer roads enable access to education, reduce inequalities and create a healthier environment. 

Road safety is a facilitator of several Sustinainable Development Goals (SDGs). Whether you're an expert in global development or just starting, get to know all about road safety and how it connects to the broader development agenda.
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Learning objectives

By the end of this module you will be able to...

Describe the relevance of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), their background, and connection to road safety.
Explain why road safety is a cross-cutting global issue.
Identify how road safety action has a positive impact on other development areas such as quality of life, public health, education, and gender equality, to mention a few.
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What can you expect from this module?

Interactive Modules

Learn about global road safety at your own pace with videos, images, reading and quizzes.


All data in this course is derived from the United Nations and reviewd by our industry leading experts.

Mixed Learning Tools

We use video, interactive tools, reading and reflections that are youth friendly and support how making content easy to digest.


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Learn with our YOURS Academy Characters as they take you on an fun and interactive learning journey through the SDGs!

Reviewed by road safety experts

This is what road safety experts
have to say about this module

Road safety is inextricably linked to the broader global development agenda and for anyone wanting to understand how, then this module is for you! Road safety and sustainable mobility is a facilitator of the Sustainable Development Goals and by connecting your work to this agenda, you can exponentially increase your impact - get stuck in

DR Margie peden
Head of Global Injury Programme
The George Institute, Imperial College London
I have enjoyed reviewing this module on the links between road safety and global development. It's true that if we focus on road safety and sustainable mobility, we can help achieve our 2030 targets, but we cannot act in isolation. Get to know more about this topic in a fun and interactive way to build your knowledge.

Research Associate
Johns Hopkins University
"Road safety links to so many development issues across the SDGs. My lecture in this module illustrates some of the less obvious links to the SDGs and places where there are bi-directional benefits".

Research Associate, School of Population Health
University of New South Wales

This module with words from young leaders...

"Road safety is key not only to reducing road traffic issues, but also in tackling other related health and environmental challenges. To understand these challenges and their connection with other broader development agendas I recommend taking YOURS Academy modules which provide relevant information in an interactive way. In additions to their resourcefulness, the modules are designed simply to help learners to understand the content in a unique way while also enjoying the process".

Haidarsho Malkushoev
Youth Leader, Tajikistan
"Road safety plays a critical role in the realization of collective prosperity for people and the planet. Whether you are in the fight for gender equality, passionate about promoting education for all, or in the fight for a green and healthy planet, this module is perfectly designed to enhance your understanding of how road safety can help advance your agenda. The module is fun, it is youth friendly, very informative, and I hereby call upon all youth to indulge themselves in this masterpiece".

Young leader, uganda
"Road Safety is a very big issue that affects every strata of the human life - this is one key learnings from the 3rd Module of the YOURS academy. The 3rd module proves that by providing robust data, evidence, and literature that showcases the connectivity between Road safety to climate change, inequalities, sustainable cities, and the entire SDGs.
As part of our policy in our local organisation in Nigeria, we have now adopted the YOURS academy as a key learning tool and most resourceful platforms for our continuous professional development".

Young leader, nigeria

Manpreet Darroch

Manpreet is an award-winning campaigner and facilitator that has been working in youth and road safety for over ten years. He has led workshops all around the world to champion the cause of meaningful youth participation in road safety decision-making. He began at YOURS in 2009 heading up social action campaigns and developing the multi-award winning YOURS Capacity Development Programme. He is YOURS' Capacity Development Director and the facilitator of the module.
Patrick Jones - Course author
Patrick Jones - Course author

Daniela Gómez

Daniela, is a young Colombian, passionate about road safety and committed to work for youth empowerment in her country and around the world. She brings her perspective as a female cyclist, with 5 years of experience working in the field of sustainabilty. Her valuable knowledege is weaved throughout this module with experience data that we know will be insightful for you. Daniela is YOURS' Capacity Development Manager and co-wrote the content in this module with our team of experts.