The global road safety problem and youth

What's all this road safety business? Surely there's more important things to focus on?

You're already here and that means you want to know more! So, get to know why road safety is such a massive global issue facing youth with statistics, trends and facts.
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Learning objectives

By the end of this module you will be able to...

identify key facts, figures, trends and statistics that illustrate the global road safety crisis.
explain why young people are dying on the world’s roads.
explain the scope of the road safety crisis facing youth around the world.
identify the key principles of Global Youth Statement for Road Safety
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What can you expect from this module?

Interactive Modules

Learn about global road safety at your own pace with videos, images, reading and quizzes.


All data in this course is supported by the World Health Organization and recognized global institutions.

Mixed Learning Tools

We use video, interactive tools, reading and reflections that are youth friendly and support how making content easy to digest.


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Reviewed by road safety experts

This is what road safety experts
have to say about this module

This first module on the global road safety problem facing youth by YOURS Academy is a great introduction for young leaders to learn about evidence-based solutions and how to be part of the solution. This course is both informative and fun and I enjoyed reviewing it! Good luck to the next generation of road safety ambassadors.

DR Margie peden
Head of Global Injury Programme
The George Institute, Imperial College London
Congratulations to YOURS on launching this new road safety learning platform. The YOURS Academy will become the gateway for young people and decision-makers to level up their knowledge on the topic. The Academy is fun and innovative! I wish you success in educating the next generation of road safety activists.

Director of Social Determinants of Health
World Health Organization
YOURS has done an amazing job at bringing traditionally dry road safety knowledge into the 21st century with the YOURS Academy. I particularly like the use of gamification to transfer knowledge in a creative way and mix of learning activities to ensure that learners are engaged as active participants. I encourage all youth who want to start their road safety journey to take this module.

Assistant Professor
Johns Hopkins University

Manpreet Darroch

Manpreet is an award-winning campaigner and facilitator that has been working in youth and road safety for over ten years. He has led workshops all around the world to champion the cause of meaningful youth participation in road safety decision-making. He began at YOURS in 2009 heading up social action campaigns and developing the multi-award winning YOURS Capacity Development Programme. He is YOURS' Capacity Development Director and the facilitator of the module.
Patrick Jones - Course author