The safe system approach and the risk factors

You've probably heard the term "Safe System Approach" used before or maybe you're hearing it for the first time. We're here to explore it with you. How does it relate to youth and your work?

In the module you will identify the key risk factors that put young people at increased risk on the world’s roads and how the Safe System Approach works to change this in a holistic way. You will also explore how young leaders like you can be role models for safe road use.
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Learning objectives

By the end of this module you will be able to...

identify the key elements of the safe system approach to road safety
identify the key risk factors that put young people at increased risk on the world’s roads
explain what steps young people can take to be role models for safe behaviour on the road
identify some of the key global standards for mitigating risk factors.

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What can you expect from this module?

Safe System

Using principles from Vision Zero, a globally recognized road safety stratey, get bitsized knowledge fast!

Risk Factors

Learn about the behavioural risk factors, impaired driving, seatbelts, helmets and speed.

Mixed Learning Tools

We use video, interactive tools, reading and reflections that are youth friendly and support how making content easy to digest.


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YOURS Academy characters join you on your learning journey as you learn about the Safe Sytem Approach and the risk factors.

Words from the expert

This module on the safe system approach and the risk factors is very important for youth and all those interested in serious road safety solutions to understand. It clearly articulates our move away from the old paradigm of blaming road users for dying on the road and rightly puts the onus on system designers with a shared responsibility. I recommend you take this module now!

Dr Matts-Åke Belin
Global Lead for the Deacde of Action for Road Safety 2021-2030
World Health Organization


Manpreet Darroch

Manpreet is an award-winning campaigner and facilitator that has been working in youth and road safety for over ten years. He has led workshops all around the world to champion the cause of meaningful youth participation in road safety decision-making. He began at YOURS in 2009 heading up social action campaigns and developing the multi-award winning YOURS Capacity Development Programme. He is YOURS' Capacity Development Director and the facilitator of the module.
Patrick Jones - Course author