Cultivating your skills to enhance your effectiveness

So we've learned all about road safety and the technical, theoretic and public health angles of safe and sustainable mobility. So getting practical means learning how to be able to take your advocacy ideas and projects to the next level!

By popular demand, we bring you a module on cultivating some crucial soft skills to be able to present, speak publically and get the most out of events, while on your leadership journey.

Been asked to give a presentation? Want to level up your public speaking skills? Want to stop attending dead events? Then this module will equip you with some key skills in presentation skills, public speaking skills, overcoming nerves and getting the most out of events. Use it to be a cut above when out delivering for your road safety cause.
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Learning objectives

By the end of this module you will be able to...

Demonstrate how to create, appealing and engaging presentations;
Identify techniques for powerful public speaking;
Demonstrate new skills in overcoming nerves in public engagements;
Identify the best networking tactics for before, during and after events and conferences.
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What can you expect from this module?

Interactive Modules

Learn about global road safety at your own pace with videos, images, reading and quizzes.


All data in this course is derived from leading advocacy agencies and backed up by global evidence - reviewed by our industry leading experts.

Mixed Learning Tools

We use video, interactive tools, reading and reflections that are youth friendly and support how making content easy to digest.


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Learn with our YOURS Academy Characters as they take you on an fun and interactive learning journey through advocacy concepts.

Reviewed by road safety experts

This is what the experts
have to say about this module

"Road safety is a pressing concern with far-reaching impacts on adolescents and youth worldwide. Empowering young individuals to advocate for change is essential in bringing attention to this issue. This module is an ideal medium for honing your advocacy and presentation abilities, equipping you with the skills to make a meaningful impact in promoting road safety awareness"

Bhavya Durgesh Nandini
Coordinator, Adolescent and Youth Constituency
The Partnership for Maternal, Newborn & Child Health (PMNCH)
"This module contains valuable learning to get your message across in a compelling way; from understanding your audience, to structuring and delivering your message, and most of all, infecting others with your passion and vision for a world where everyone has access to safe, sustainable, inclusive mobility, and youth voices are integrated at every level of decision making"

Liz Man
Director of Communications
Global Alliance of NGOs for Road Safety
"Soft skills like developing impactful presentations, public speaking and networking are vital to being a successful road safety advocate. It might even be said that they make all the difference! It was a pleasure to review this sixth module of the YOURS Academy, which is a fantastic resource for young people – and anyone – wishing to maximize their contributions to road safety and sustainable mobility".

Communications Officer
World Health Organization

What are youth saying?

Taking this course has been a fun and rewarding experience! Each module is full of interesting information and helps you better prepare powerful presentations, improve your public speaking, and stand out at speaking events. The lessons are engaging and turn tough topics into enjoyable challenges. It reminds me that having knowledge is power, but the way you deliver a topic is crucial to influence and make a positive impact!

Estiara Elizar
Young Leader, Global Youth Coalition for Road Safety (Indonesia)
Reviewing this module on soft skills for young leaders has been enlightening. It underscores the vital importance of these skills for young people, offering practical guidance on crafting powerful presentations, improving public speaking, engaging with the media, and making the most of conference opportunities. In today's dynamic world, these abilities are not just desirable but essential for success. I highly recommend this module as a valuable resource for any young person striving to excel in leadership and communication.

Yasmine Al Moghrabi
Young Leader,  Global Youth Coalition for Road Safety (Lebanon)

Manpreet Darroch

Manpreet is an award-winning campaigner and facilitator that has been working in youth and road safety for over ten years. He has led workshops all around the world to champion the cause of meaningful youth participation in road safety decision-making. He began at YOURS in 2009 heading up social action campaigns and developing the multi-award winning YOURS Capacity Development Programme. He is YOURS' Capacity Development Director and the facilitator of the module.
Patrick Jones - Course author
Patrick Jones - Course author

Daniela Gómez

Daniela, is a young Colombian, passionate about road safety and committed to work for youth empowerment in her country and around the world. She brings her perspective as a female cyclist, with 5 years of experience working in the field of sustainabilty. Her valuable knowledege is weaved throughout this module with experience data that we know will be insightful for you. Daniela is YOURS' Capacity Development Manager and co-wrote the content in this module with our team of experts.